hughdancyspumpkins asked: Age: Hm well I know you're in college so... Gender: you is female Sexual Orientation: parisexual (lololol jk) Race/Ethnicity: MAGIC Field of study and/or field of work: i actually have no idea hm Favorite TV show: I'm getting a Sherlock vibe from u. Favorite book: hm idk Favorite video game: nOT SURE PLZ TELL ME ALL OF THIS Favorite food: i have no idea ahhh i'm bad at deducing

Age: 18
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual I guess. I wouldn’t have sex with anyone though. 
Race/Ethicity:  Chinese
Field of Study: Forensic Toxicology
Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who (But Sherlock comes in very close 2nd)
Favorite Video Game: Portal 2 or Fallout: New  Vegas. 
Favorite Food: Cheesecake or Pie 

I linked posts that could tip you off, whether they specifically said the answer or not. Enjoy; and thanks for sending me a message!

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